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My Creative Side


drawing, sketching, watercolor painting, and digital photo editing

I have always loved drawing and creating visual art! Sketching concepts and ideas, even if they aren’t physical objects, has always brought me a sense of clarity.



and the creative process

Throughout my career, my jobs have given me great opportunities to learn the fundamentals of design. Although I don’t consider myself a designer, the working concepts like contrast, relationship, alignment, and priority have become second nature over time. I have especially enjoyed learning web design. I genuinely enjoy design thinking, the creative process, and pursuing elegance, where aesthetics intersect with pragmatics and persuasion.


copywriting, non-fiction, business, and self-help

Writing has never been easy for me, but I have long marveled at the idea that one person can generate a thought, use symbols to externalize and capture it, and then another person, at a completely different point in time and space, can take it in and experience a similar thought! I majored in advertising and was awarded the “Outstanding Senior Copywriter” distinction. A few years later, I found moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue my love of songwriting. I found it cathartic after losing my wife, Kristin, to write lyrics that gave voice to my loss and grief. Now, I especially like writing with the hope that my thoughts might relieve suffering and enable joy by helping people to change and achieve giant goals.

Man typing on keyboard background with brain hologram. Concept of big Data. Double exposure.
We played in a family band from the time I was 12


songwriting, "gigging", and soaking it in

I am still awakening to the blessing it is to have been born into an extremely musical family. My first memory of singing harmony was at about age 6, and that’s about when my dad handed me a coronet and sparked my love for trumpet. At age ten, he gave in to my incessant banging out rhythms on any and every surface and bought me my first drum set. The Christmas after my twelfth birthday my parents focused the family’s meager income on purchasing an electronic organ, Fender-Rhoades piano, bass, and electric guitar, and a new drum set. For the next 10 years, we played for high school proms, stomps, stake dances, and even BYU Homecoming dances. 

Thanks for spending a minute and letting me share!

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