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Copywriting, Poetry/Lyrics, and non-fiction self-improvement

My Music

Writing and editing have been both essential in my work and enjoyable for me, although never easy.


For my children: “I Will Follow Jesus”

I wrote “I Will Follow Jesus” to sing at my second daughter Shalon’s baptism. Family members have presented it in various settings ever since.

Below is a screenshot of a draft of the sheet music.

Here is a link to the sheet music.

I Will Follow Jesus (Draft) Screenshot


 Tyler Rose

One of the highlights of my music experiences was the formation of Tyler Rose, a country crossover band with my sister, Felicia Sorenson, my brother Barry, and His wife, Lucie. Commercially, it went nowhere besides selling pretty well out of LDS bookstores. But we had a marvelous time doing it, and it was enough to convince me to eventually move to Nashville and pursue songwriting professionally. There, I was able to write in Reba MacIntire’s publishing house. I also was selected out of hundreds of applicants to participate in the Nashville Songwriters Association’s acclaimed Song Camp, where only 10 songwriters wrote with some of the all-time greats for a week.

Below is a cassette cover from our title album. (Sorry for the grainy image.)

I Will Follow Jesus (Draft) Screenshot

I Cry

I wrote the lyrics to I Cry after my wife Kristin’s passing while learning first hand the importance of healthy, open grieving . They still pack a wallop for me. They are ever more true. The song was featured on a best-selling Deseret Book / Shaddow Mountain CD by Felicia Sorenson.

I Cry - Song Lyrics by Lee Gibbons