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Design thinking, principles, and processes

My Design

Design requires creative problem solving. I love contextual inquiry, “pain finding”, and seeing solutions come alive.

Tri-fold Marketing Brochures for Cell-IQ’s “Immune IQ” Supplement (2017)

Cell-IQ Marketing Consuntation

To earn extra money, I took a part-time job working evenings as a marketing consultant to a Salt Lake City based supplement company, Cell-IQ. I drove the design and development of their website and marketing collateral, including both a point of sale brochure and a new customer brochure.

Cell-IQ Sales Brochure

Cell-IQ POS Brochure - All Panels

Cell-IQ New Customer Brochure

Cell-IQ POS New Customer Brochure-All-Panels

The I•Can•Do•This! website

During the four years that I worked as the product manager with responsibility for  the Addressing Pornography website, I had the opportunity to work very closely with six of the Church’s outstanding Family Services psychologists who lead the Addiction Recovery Program. Through the taping of dozens of interviews and the editing and publishing of eighty-four videos and over thirty webpages, I learned a lot about personal change.

Just before I began that work, my family ran into some really difficult relationship and behavioral issues, including an addiction. Desparation to find out anything I could about personal change and transformation that could help my family and inform my work, I began reading book after book and listening to podcasts, watching webinars, and attending conferences.

My work assignment changed in 2018, but my fire was ignited and my interest continued until present.

Through it all, I developed an information architecture for orgainzing the most important and helpfuul approaches, including four major categories: Spiritual, Mental/emotional, Physical, and general Mastery.

That architecture has become a four-stage framework for personal change. I designed the ICanDoThis.Today website and have been gradually building it out.

ICDT Screenshot