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Copywriting, Poetry/Lyrics, and non-fiction self-improvement

My Writing

Writing and editing have been both essential in my work and enjoyable for me, although never easy.


Cell-IQ Marketing Consultation

While working a part-time job as a marketing consultant to a Salt Lake City based supplement company, Cell-IQ, I did the  copywriting for their website and marketing collateral. A sample of that writing from the new customer brochure.

Cell-IQ POS New Customer Brochure-All-Panels

Business Document Editing

I was the product manager with responsibility for  the Addressing Pornography website, and I had the opportunity to research and develop a new approach to the Church’s website on this sensitive topic. This is a sample of one of the messaging definition documents created by our team’s writers. My edits are shown.


Messaging Guide Edits


From Age 12 

I was surrounded by music throughout my growing up years, so it seamed completely natural to me that I would want to compose my own songs. At one point, late in my middle school years, I challenged myself to write a song a day. I kept it up for a year. Only one or two are even memorable to me now—the ones I wrote for girls I had crushes on. Music has always been cathartic to me, allowing me to express things I had a hard time saying. 

I wrote the lyrics to I Cry after my wife Kristin’s passing while learning first hand the importance of healthy, open grieving . They still pack a wallop for me. They are ever more true. The song was featured on a best-selling Deseret Book / Shaddow Mountain CD by Felicia Sorenson.

I Cry - Song Lyrics by Lee Gibbons